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Engineering Team Lead, Infrastructure

About Infrastructure

We’re looking for experienced leaders with a passion for Infrastructure to join our team. The mission of the Infrastructure team is to act as a force multiplier for all Spotify engineers. We build tools, components and systems to reduce the amount of time and effort necessary to build great products. We value leading by example and guiding by convention, and we strive to make the right thing to do the easy thing to do.

Some examples of projects in Infrastructure include:

  • Core authentication systems for Spotify
  • High-performance inter-system messaging software
  • Core storage technologies (Cassandra, PostgreSQL)
  • Hadoop infrastructure and tooling
  • Continuous delivery tools and systems

About the role

While we expect engineering leaders to be hands-on technical contributors, the Team Lead role is people-first rather than technology-first. Your primary responsibility is to the people on your team - not only hiring and building it, but also ensuring that the members are growing as engineers, doing valuable work and generally having a great time at Spotify.

We keep our teams small — around 5-10 people — to ensure that our team leads have time to participate in technical work and lead by example. We run a matrix organization, so the engineers in your team will be working on a diverse set of projects and products across Infrastructure.

About you

You’ve managed a team before, and have some experience in growing and mentoring engineers. You understand the value of leading from behind and empowering your team. You’re a technical leader in your field, you’re familiar with and actively involved in current technology developments in your area of expertise. You have good architecture and design sense, you understand “worse is better”, KISS and generally take a pragmatic and iterative approach to engineering. You believe in continuous self-improvement.

If this sounds like fun to you, come join us at Spotify! We have engineering team lead positions in many different specialties, including (but not limited to):

  • Data Infrastructure, Hadoop, Data collection, and analytics
  • Test automation, tooling and infrastructure, including continuous integration and deployment
  • High-performance systems (Java, C++)